My background

Hi there,

As you may know I am a student, and I really love to do what I do. But I’d like you to know how I ended up doing all this. So I will tell you about my background. What I did before this and how I got so passionate about graphical design.

As a kid

As a kid I always wanted to play with Lego and create things. My father told me that I always collected pieces of metal and that I told him that one day I would make a robot out of it.  I already knew back then that I wanted to create things.

High school

The time I went to high school I got passionate about computers. The tech that was in the world amazed me so much. I started as a ICT student and learned a lot about computing, but the most part of the lesson I was playing around with Photoshop. It fascinated me what you could do with graphical things and this is where I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer.

My school has a relationship with an other city. This city is called Calafat. One day our teacher asked my class (4 guys) if we wanted to go there. Of course! we all said yes. So we went to Calafat for one week. We were going to give workshops on a school there. I really had a good time and I met a lot of special people. I still talk to them on Facebook.